613 dentistry is the best! I use to be terrified of going ro the dentist as I had horrible experiences in the past at other practices. But Everyone here is so friendly, so kind, helpful and gentle my anxiety went away. I have never felt so relaxed getting work done on my teeth. The whole team is the best I highly recommend coming here.

Normalicia Medina

I have a 6 year old with severe dental anxiety. She had some caries due to night nursing, and because of her aversion to dentists, I’d put it off. It is now time to fix them before they become crown situations. First off, I’ve felt it was my fault (caries) because I could’ve stopped night nursing (I didn’t know it was a problem at that time). We decided to try 613 because of their holistic approach. Our first visit, Dr Katz assured me that the caries weren’t my fault, and did not shame me in any way at all. Huge relief from guilt.
Second, she was so personable with my 3 kiddos! They liked her instantly. Bonus!
Third, when it was time to treat my dentist averse child, Dr Katz was patient, flexible, and even let me lay under my daughter during the procedure! WHAT! So incredibly helpful! I felt my daughter calm instantly. I’ve had dentists ask me not to come into their treatment room before.
The process was quick, and when we were checking out, my daughter said, “I want to do that again!”
Win win. Now she will move toward a less fearful experience with dentists and we can get things taken care of early, if need be.
So glad to find this team (the front desk staff and the hygienists and assistants are all friendly and helpful, too!).

Molly Priesthoff

I highly recommend anyone who need a good dentist. I am not a fan of going to the dentist. However, Dr. Carli Kats made me feel comfortable and relaxed while listening to her humming sounds while removing and replacing my old fillings. Almost fell asleep. 5 Stars!!!

Being a formal scarey cat, I finally was able to feel comfortable coming in for the necessary dental work. Then in early 2021, we now ave a new dentist. Yes, it took awhile to understand each other, but I’ve settle down now and feel comfortable back in again.

Dave Mason

Fast and friendly service. Would recommend to all my friends and family. Dr. Katz was amazing and made my tooth look like nothing ever happened to it.

anthony proa

The staff are absolutely fantastic. Very clean and nice office. My two children (5&10) had a wonderful experience. They actually want to come back! The dentist and staff explain everything in way you can understand what needs to be done and help figure out the best plan for you. I appreciate everyone working with us to have the best experience.

Porsche Goff

Great experience! Everyone was so helpful. Workers at the front desk answered my questions completely and acknowledged my concern about payments. They even have financing available. My wait time was less than 5 minutes. So nice to be served quickly. I had my teeth cleaned by Karin who is always pleasant and then a check up by Dr. Katz, another pleasant experience. I would recommend all my friends to 613 Dentistry.

Karen Buckingham

Thank you for making it easy to go to the dentist. Welcome Dr. Carli to the family. Gwen does a great job of cleaning my teeth. Jacinta is like sunshine at the front desk and over the phone. Thank you all for being so friendly, gentle, and excellent at your jobs.

Lorraine Lucchesi

Dr. Katz is my new dentist. She and her practice is the complete package - considerate of your health and finances, thoughtful of your physical comfort before, during and after a procedure, and very personable. I am so happy to be her patient. It is like DAY and night after a past dentist - not at this office. You could not pay me to move to another.

julia prine

I was very pleased with the customer service I received from my new dentist Dr. Katz. She was very friendly, courteous and straight forward which I love. Very tactful and humble, open to the feedback I was giving her. Very personable and looking to bring the new techniques and technology to the office which I am excited about. Anything to help going to the dentist less barbaric and painful. I’m looking forward to my new relationship with my dentist, Dr. Katz. I will miss you Dr. Adams you were absolutely awesome and oh so gentle and kind.

Silvia H.