Chula Vista Dental Implant FAQs

Dental implants are more popular than ever because they’re better than ever, and we’re big fans of dental implants to replace missing teeth. At our Chula Vista dentist office, we can help you decide whether you’re a good candidate for one or more implants. These frequently asked questions may provide information that helps you make a smart decision too. The team at 613 Dentistry is with you at every step of the way if you decide to benefit from dental implants.

What is a dental implant consultation?

Getting a dental implant starts with a consultation. That’s when we examine the gap left from your tooth extraction (or plan for the extraction if it hasn’t been done yet) and take x-rays and other kinds of dental imagining. We check the quantity and quality of your jawbone as well to help us decide if bone grafting, which adds expense and time to the process, is necessary.

Is a dental implant procedure painful?

No. As with all surgical procedures, the dental surgeon at 613 Dentistry in Chula Vista administers a local anesthetic that numbs the site. We can discuss in advance whether you may want a sedative before treatment to calm your anxiety and make you totally comfortable.

Is tooth extraction done at a separate time?

It depends. Removal of a damaged or decayed tooth or teeth and healing of the site is the first step of getting a dental implant if it hasn’t already been done. Depending on how a tooth was removed in the past, there may be some pieces of the old tooth still present. These potentially harmful tooth fragments must be removed as part of a site preparation procedure before placing the dental implant.

What can you tell me about the safety of dental implants?

All surgical procedures come with some risk and the possibility of complications. Dental implants have been around for decades, however, and techniques used in placing them have been refined over many years. Dental implants are safer than ever before and can be considered the standard of care for missing teeth replacement.

How is successful dental implant placement assured?

Dental implants have a 98 percent success rate. This’s possible because we carefully plan each implant, including making sure you’re healthy enough for the surgical procedure and for proper healing and recovery. We also take into consideration bleeding disorders, infections, allergies, other medical conditions and any medications you may be taking. Dental implant failure is rare but can happen in unlikely events including overloading, fracture, infection, tissue damage, bone quality problems or implant positioning issues. All these risks can be mitigated with planning, however.

To learn more about our Chula Vista dental implant services, please contact 613 Dentistry. We can discuss costs, whether you’re a good candidate for implants and more when we meet for your consultation.

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