Root Canal

Your Chula Vista Root Canal Dentist

Chula Vista Root Canal Dentist

At 613 Dentistry, we’re your Chula Vista root canal specialists. We have the latest technology to minimize or eliminate any pain, improve healing time, and increase accuracy (utilizing laser technology and guidance systems). We know that no one likes the idea of having root canal therapy, but today’s procedures are simpler and more successful than ever before. Let us help you decide if a root canal is right for your unique situation.

Deciding If You Need A Root Canal

When the pulp inside a tooth is infected or inflamed, we must take action to prevent things from getting worse. Symptoms that indicate something has gone wrong with a tooth include:

  • A toothache. While there are many reasons for a toothache, pain from a tooth can indication infection or inflammation. If you experience sharp pain that leads to a headache, for example, that may be a sign that a tooth root is the cause of your suffering.
  • An abscess. A bump on the gums near a tooth or pus in your mouth often means an abscess, and that means that a root canal may be the only way to save the tooth involved.
  • Sensitivity. An inflamed or infected tooth room may cause you extreme pain when you eat hot or cold foods.
  • Discoloration. Perhaps the most severe sign that a root canal is necessary, dark coloration near the points of a tooth indicates that the pulp inside has deteriorated and needs to be removed.

With a root canal, it’s possible to save a tooth that could not otherwise be saved by removing the damaged or injured pulp – including the nerve, connective tissues and blood vessels – and filling the inside of the tooth with another material.

Waiting Makes Things Worse

If you have pain that won’t stop and think you may need a root canal, please contact us immediately. Saving a tooth is always preferable to extraction and replacement. We can resolve the problem in one appointment and then place a permanent dental crown over the involved tooth in the next. Contact us now to see if you’re a good candidate for a root canal procedure at our Chula Vista dental office.