Patient Reviews

613 Dentistry Chula Vista Reviews

Lina Katz

8. Jul 2021

Had a great visit with Dr. Carli Katz for a root canal. She was very informative and gentle with me. Eased all my worries. The office was clean, updated and staff was very helpful with the scheduling process.

Kurt Rothwell

4. Feb 2021

I was very pleased with the service, from the warm reception to the dental procedure. Courteous staff with attention to detail. Also a big plus for me was the help with the insurance coverage. A big thank you from me.

Gilbert Gil

2. Feb 2021

Had a very nice experience with Dr Katz. She was very personable and explained my situation clearly. I got a nice vibe from her. She will be taking over for my dentist who will be retiring. Sad to lose him but happy she will be the one replacing him.

Edward Ybarra

2. Feb 2021

Nice to meet Dr. Katz. She was welcoming and very nice. Made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Nice to see her added to our family dentist’s staff.