Laser Dental Cleaning

Your Chula Vista Dental Crown Dentist

Because 613 Dentistry takes advantage of the latest technology in laser dentistry, we can offer precise treatment that’s minimally invasive and more effective than traditional treatments. We use laser dentistry for cavities and cleanings as well as for gum surgery, orthodontics and more. When compared to the use of a drill or scalpel, laser treatment is gentler and almost pain-free, helping to reduce your anxiety.

Why We Use Lasers

Our Chula Vista dentists use laser dentistry extensively because of the following benefits for both patients and our team:

  • There’s almost no pain.
  • Anesthesia is either not needed or needed at a lower dosage.
  • Treatment is more precise and accurate.
  • There’s less damage to nearby tissue.
  • Lasers promote blood coagulation to reduce the need for sutures.
  • Recovery time is less.

Our Best For You

For laser dentistry in 91910 or the surrounding areas, we’re the Chula Vista laser dentistry team for you. Contact us now to learn how we can use the latest technology to treat your dental and oral health concerns with almost no pain, reduced need for anesthesia and no hassles.