Intra Oral Camera

Chula Vista Intraoral Camera

IntraOral Camera

At 613 Dentistry, we like to have all the information possible before, during and after treatment. That’s why our Chula Vista family dental office uses safe, sanitary intraoral cameras to see what’s happening inside your mouth better than with the naked eye alone. With an intraoral camera, we can diagnose oral and dental health concerns such as tooth decay, periodontal disease and oral cancer as well as damaged and chipped teeth. Following a procedure, we can determine success.

Our intraoral cameras are about the same size as a pen and are inserted into your mouth to help us see your teeth, gums and other tissues clearly. With the advanced technology of these cameras, we can zoom in on small areas of disease, barely visible cracks, minuscule chips and worn fillings to see details we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see – and show you what we’re seeing. You can get the same view we do in real-time if you want, and we can also take full-color snapshots to compare with images we take on future visits.

Intraoral cameras are just one more way we do our very best for you each time we see you at 613 Dentistry in Chula Vista.