Your Chula Vista Denture Specialists


Denture technology is more advanced than ever before, and our team at 613 Dentistry can provide patients with tooth loss options for beautiful, fully functional teeth that weren’t available just a few years ago. We can offer you a lasting natural-looking smile that boosts your confidence at work, in social settings and wherever you go – perhaps to a higher level than when you had natural teeth.

Dentures Have Advantages

When you choose dentures instead of not having your tooth loss restored, you get benefits that include:

  • More defined facial features that reduce or eliminate the sag caused by missing teeth
  • Better speech and fewer problems with annunciation
  • Easier chewing so that your favorite foods are once again accessible to you
  • Enhanced oral health that makes existing teeth, if any, less likely to spread
  • Easy care that involves only rinsing, brushing, soaking and occasional pro cleaning
  • And more.

When you turn to us for full or partial dentures in Chula Vista, we can assess your needs and recommend the right solution. Full removable dentures placed after teeth have been removed and gums have healed can feel awkward for a few days or weeks, but you’ll soon feel better about your abilities and your looks than you have in years. Partial dentures replace only a few teeth and are usually easy to accept as well as useful for protecting and allowing for better use of natural teeth.

The Right Place For Dentures

In many cases, dentures are a simple, cost-effective and proven way to replace missing teeth, restoring appearance and function. To learn more about how full or partial dentures can change your life, reach out to us at 613 Dentistry Chula Vista right away. We want to help you with the latest solutions as well as time-tested options for your dental and oral health needs.