Dental Crowns

Your Chula Vista Dental Crown Dentist

Dental Crowns

A broken or damaged tooth can impact your overall health. At 613 Dentistry, we can help you maintain dental, oral and whole-body health and make you feel and look better with a dental crown. It all begins with an exam and consultation to diagnose your problem and find the right solution for you.

Crowns Are Just As They Sound

Dental crowns, sometimes called caps, are just what they sound like they are: a cover that goes over a damaged tooth to restore beauty and function. You might need a dental crown because:

  • A tooth is heavily decayed
  • A tooth is broken or cracked
  • A tooth looks bad
  • An old filling has fractured
  • You need a root canal.

Crowns are the right solution to prevent extraction when a large part of the natural tooth has been lost or must be removed. We treat gum disease and other concerns before moving forward and take impressions to make sure the crown fit is precise. Once the crown is placed, the tooth looks and works like a beautiful natural tooth. When placing a crown, our Chula Vista dental crowns team always works to preserve as much real tooth as possible for excellent results.

Solutions For You

At 613 Dentistry Chula Vista, we have solutions for every dental and oral health concern, and one or more crowns may be the solution for you. Please reach out to us for your initial exam and consultation. We’ll tell you what we can do to help.