Aligner Therapy

Chula Vista Clear Aligner Therapy

If you’re unhappy with how your smile looks because of crooked teeth or other bite issues, advances in dental technology now make it possible to straighten teeth discreetly without wires and metal brackets. At 613 Dentistry, we’re Chula Vista clear aligner therapy experts. We recommend Innovative Clear Aligners for straight teeth without discomfort.

Popular For A Reason

Clear aligners are popular for correcting crooked teeth and bite issues for the following reasons:

  • They’re so discreet that people often don’t notice you’re wearing them.
  • They’re removable for eating, cleaning and even important meetings or events.
  • They involve fewer dental office visits – just every 6 to 8 weeks while being treated.

Here’s how they work: You wear a series of clear plastic trays over your teeth, each custom-made for you from a smooth, translucent material. Each tray in the series is used for about 2 weeks and is incrementally different than the last so that teeth are gently moved into place over just 6 to 18 months, depending on how much correction you need.

For Teen And Adults

Many teens and adults are suitable candidates for clear aligners. We can find out if they’re right for you during an orthodontic consultation. If they are, we take detailed images and x-rays of your mouth, teeth and bite. Special software predicts how teeth will move during clear aligner treatment. The software can show how your teeth will look at each point during treatment and predict the result. Once everything looks right, your set of aligners is made especially for you.
With clear aligners, there are no cleaning hassles, no metal brackets or wires and fewer reasons to visit our office during treatment. There’s also less pain, less social stigma and no damage to your teeth.

Get Started Now

Clear aligners can provide you with straighter teeth without interference with how you live through gentle movement over several months. If this sounds like it could be right for you, please contact us at 613 Dentistry in Chula Vista for a consultation right away. We’re here to help you decide if clear aligners are a clear choice for you.