Dental Fillings

Your Chula Vista Choice For Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings
The simplest way to treat many cavities is with a dental filling. At 613 Dentistry, we’re Chula Vista dental fillings experts who want the best for you and your smile.

The Humble Filling

A simple, quick filling is the right choice to keep areas of decay from spreading and eventually endangering the health of the tooth. A filling can also be used for:

  • A chipped tooth
  • To reduce space between teeth
  • To restore worn teeth
  • And more.
In most cases, fillings are complete in an hour or much less, depending on size and location. We apply local anesthesia to numb the area so you’re always comfortable from the time you sit down until you leave with your fully functional restoration. We match the material and technique to the function and shape of the tooth.

Here For You

Your dental filling begins with an exam to determine the problem. Reach out to us now for more about fillings at 613 Dentistry, a smart choice for gentle, effective dentistry.